How to join Race to Zero

For companies: Take action in two simple steps

1. Make a pledge

Lasting change must be led from the top. A written pledge from your CEO or Chairman to join Race to Zero is a clear statement of your company's intention to seize the opportunity to be more resource-efficient and reduce your climate exposure across your operations in China.

2. Define your commitment

Once you’ve made your pledge, our partners, KPMG, Syntao, We Mean Business and WWF (China) can help you formalize your commitment and provide technical assistance.

Once you’ve finalized your emissions or waste reduction commitment, we’ll highlight your leadership across the Race to Zero network.

What does a commitment look like?

We are using the We Mean Business framework, with the addition that actions should be focused on operations in China. These include actions from the following categories:

Reduce carbon emissions at scale

  • Commit to a science-based emissions reduction target.

  • Join the Low Carbon Technology Partnership Initiative, which brings global companies together to accelerate the development of low carbon technology solutions to stay below the 2°C ceiling.

  • Commit to produce, use, or make significant investments in technologies or practices that capture, store, and/or utilize carbon in a way that actually removes carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

Go beyond carbon to other greenhouse gases

  • Meaningfully reduce short-lived climate pollution emissions like methane and HFCs.

Use low-carbon energy and use less

  • Commit to move toward 100% renewable electricity in corporate operations, supply chain, and/or joint ventures by setting significant interim goals.

  • Commit to double energy productivity across corporate operations, supply chain, and/or joint ventures.

Manage resources beyond electricity and fuels

  • Meaningfully improve water security within company operations, and/or across supply chains and joint ventures.

  • Commit to specific steps that significantly reduce commodity-driven deforestation from supply chains.

  • Commit to a meaningful reduction in waste products, especially petroleum-based plastics, through efficiency measures, recycling, and reuse.

Use low-carbon transportation fuel

  • Commit to produce, use, or make significant investments in low carbon fuels.

  • Commit to produce, use, or make significant investments in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

Become a model for corporate climate action

  • Commit to setting an internal price on carbon in company operations, and/or across supply chains and joint ventures.

  • Commit to implement the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, including providing detailed asset-level disclosure of risk from physical climate impacts, relevant climate policy and regulation, and technology change due to decarbonization.

We’re here to help you get started

Contact us at for support with your commitment, and to be connected with any of our partners.

For individuals: Support businesses that have joined Race to Zero

Spread the word

Contact your network and invite them to get involved.

Personalize and share our Race to Zero graphics, posters, and web banners with your network.

Share on social media using the #RaceToZero hashtag.

Encourage decision-makers at your company to join Race to Zero.